Purchase 21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Impetigo – Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set) SALE

Title: 21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Impetigo – Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set)
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Description: This up-to-date and comprehensive set of two CD-ROM discs provides a superb collection of official Federal government documents on the subject of impetigo, is a skin infection caused by bacteria. Usually the cause is staphylococcal (staph) but sometimes streptococcus (strep) can cause it, too. It is most common in children between the ages of two and six. It usually starts when bacteria get into a break in the skin, such as a cut, scratch or insect bite. Symptoms start with red or pimple-like sores surrounded by red skin. These sores can be anywhere, but usually they occur on the face, arms and legs. The sores fill with pus, then break open after a few days and form a thick crust. They are often itchy, but scratching them can spread the sores. Impetigo can spread by contact with sores or nasal discharge from an infected person. It can be treated with antibiotics. For patients, practical information is provided in clearly written patient education documents. For medical professionals, doctor reference tools and texts have detailed technical information and clinical background material. There is no other reference that is as fast, convenient, and portable – everything you need to know, from the federal sources you trust. This thoroughly researched collection presents vital information from many authoritative sources: Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the relevant institute for this disease, and others. In addition to the comprehensive disease-specific coverage, this disc set also includes our Medical Encyclopedia, a $19.95 value! The Encyclopedia presents a collection of official documents about a wide range of medical topics, diseases, illnesses, health and wellness. There is vital information from the National Institutes of Health (NIH), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), National Cancer Institute, and more. Topics covered include: major diseases, including cancer, heart and vascular disease, stroke, blood diseases and disorders, lung diseases, and neurological disorders such as dementia and epilepsy * CDC Health Topics A to Z, Foodborne Illnesses, Infants and Children, Injuries, Occupational Health, Older Adults, Women * CDC Travelers’ Health – Destinations, Vaccinations, Diseases, Mosquito, Tick, Food, Water, Clinics, Yellow Book, Children, Airplanes, Cruise Ships, Special Needs, Relief Workers, * Dietary Guidelines * NIH A to Z from abnormalities to X-rays. Since navigating the Internet to find additional non-governmental medical information can be confusing, we’ve also provided our exclusive “Guide to Leading Medical Websites” with updated links to 67 of the best sites for medical information! Built-in weblinks let you quickly check for the latest clinical updates directly from the government and the best commercial portals, news sites, reference/textbook/non-commercial portals, and health organizations.

21st Century Ultimate Medical Guide to Impetigo - Authoritative Clinical Information for Physicians and Patients (Two CD-ROM Set)
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