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Reviews Of Common Skin Diseases in Children: Diagnosis and Management SALE

Title: Common Skin Diseases in Children: Diagnosis and Management ASIN: 3798513899 Item Page Detail URL: Click Here To Visit Description: A thorough presentation of the most common skin diseases of children. Each chapter gives the differential diagnostic possibilities in a table. Treatment is shown in considerable detail, reflecting the current Read more
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What Is Impetigo And How To Treat It?

Impetigo more often than not affects chlidren more than adults but, due to its contagious nature, the disease can affect anyone. Impetigo is a bacterial infection that again, affects children usually between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. Symptoms of Impetigo are usually seen as smallish red blisters located around the mouth and […] Read more
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Treating Impetigo

Impetigo usually affects children and of those that contract this skin infection it generally takes places during nursery or school years. There are two common types of impetigo bullous and non bullous. Impetigo is also classified in stages, primary and secondary. Primary impetigo affects healthy skin however; secondary impetigo is usually Read more