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Title: Betadine skin cleanser

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  • Betadine Skin Cleanser Helps prevent infections in cuts, scrapes and minor burns.
  • The No 1 Hospital Brand Antiseptic Skin Cleanser.
  • Significantly reduces bacteria on the skin.
  • Disinfectant hand wash and skin cleanser.

Betadine skin cleanser
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Category: Cleansers
Brand: Purdue Products L.P. (PUFW9)
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Rating : 4.8
Rating: 14
Review: Good product to control under arm “issues”
For those out there that struggle with similar underarm issues especially when they exercise, you may want to try using this product to cleanse under the arms. It disinfects and kills bacteria that naturally accumulates under the arms. To most people this is simply manageable with soap and deodorant but to some it can be a challenge to control with typical methods. This product is very effective to control underarm “issues!” It is safe and with regular use there is even no need to use deodorant even when you exercise. At least this has been my experience. Deodorant can contain chemicals that are not very safe to our bodies, so using this skin cleanser is an added benefit if you worry about the use of deodorant.

I hope this helps someone out there that may be looking for an effective way to control this “issue” with their underarms. I added a link of some person that also used it with positive results. […]

Category: Cleansers